Chatsworth Congregational


Why a native plant walkway?

In the face of global warming, threats of prolonged drought, increasing water costs, and pleas for water conservation the need for a change in landscaping away from thirsty foliage is clear.  Native plants indigenous to the area can provide an attractive, economical way to beautify estabulishment.  Many people think of drought tolerant plants native to Chatsworth as thorny, contorted, hazardous looking cacti.  The walkway provides many living examples to dispel this misconception.  It offers a pleasant, fragrant, tranquil spot to sit and enjoy the garden surroundings.  You are welcome to sit and take this opportunity through brochures, signage and classes to learn more about the and care of drought tolerant species native to the Chatsworth area.

The Chatsworth Native Plant Walkway is a joint project of the Congregational Church of Chatsworth UCC and the City of Los Angeles, Office of Community Beautification, Community Beautification Project #C11-069.

Visitors are welcome at any time. The Walkway is located at 20440 Lassen Street Chatsworth, CA 91311 immediately east of the church in the area between the sidewalk and the parking lot.