Chatsworth Congregational


United Church of Christ

Welcome to the Chatsworth Congregational Church, United Church of Christ – a community of faith that seeks to respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed. The UCC was founded in 1957 as the union of several different Christian traditions.  From the beginning of our history, we were a church that affirmed the ideal that Christians did not always have to agree to live together in communion.

We are a diverse Christian denonomination. The basic unit of the United Church of Christ is the congregational. Members of each congregation covenant with God and with one another and with Jesus Christ revealed an empowered through the Holy Spirit.  Our congregations exist in covenantal relationships with one another to be more effective in the work of the Lord throughout the world.

Our motto, “that they may all be one” is Jesus’ prayer for the unity of the church.  This verse from Scripture reflects our historic commitment to the restoration of unity among the separated churches of Jesus Christ.

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